Windows 8 developers version released, pre-beta version available for free


It has happened for Windows 7 and now it happened again for the newest version of Windows. Microsoft has given out free downloads of its newest pre-beta version operating system also known as Windows 8.

At first glance, it looks somewhat similar to the interface of Windows Phone 7 and this type of interface was called by Microsoft as Metro UI. It also features Live Tiles which allows the application to update the ‘tiles’ should there be any update such as a new message for example. Metro UI is Microsoft newest approach to tackle the competition from other operating systems and by the looks of it, there are a few pros and cons to it as well.

First of all, Metro UI looks good and fresh. However, it is also geared towards the touch screen users as well. Those that have a normal computer for example will have to do a lot of scrolling from time to time so that they can reach the other side of the tile board.

In addition to that, the looks of Windows Explorer look like it has been taken from Microsoft Office. To some, this may be an improvement but personally, I prefer to have the old Windows 7 look by default.

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    Have you download and try it?

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