Windows 8 Native Apps Launched by Plex


Are you the person who is not satisfied with the Windows Media Center apps for Windows platform, and then it is high time you grab the third party alternative? There are loads of them available in the market. The one that outdoes many others is the Plex app.

Plex Apps

Plex has recently introduced the native app for Windows 8 based gadgets. You can get this app for 2.99 dollars, which is an introductory offer. There are loads of new features from Plex. The touch friendly interface makes the users do tasks at ease. One of the important specs is the ARM compatibility. This lets the uses run the Surface tablet with the Windows RT.

Plex Advantages

The Windows 8 users will enjoy many features with Plex. The features that are not reached other platforms still, like the myPlex queue, filtering features, can be tried on Plex, which happens to be the first platform for this. For TV shows and videos, the application has On Desk section and the users get a background art slideshow.

Reports from Plex assure that this application lets the users make the most out of the Microsoft Windows 8. However, some of the features are same as the Windows 7 Phone app.

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