Windows 9 All Set to Release in April 2015


Windows 9Microsoft is now working on the new version of Windows OS and has given information about its release date. Microsoft is all set to unveil the Windows 9 the successor of Windows 8. Windows 8 was a debacle and Microsoft is employing the same strategy of releasing the Windows 7 to do away with the Vista. The new device is codenamed ‘Threshold’ as of now, and can be called Windows 9 officially; however this can change says popular blogger of Microsoft, Paul Thurrott.

Launch of Windows 9

While Microsoft is gearing to detach itself from the Windows 8 farce, Windows 9 would be launched in April next year. These gadgets would be starting production only in April, and the Microsoft is currently completing the feature set ups.

What can be Expected?

Disruptive interface of Windows 8 is to be developed in the Windows 9 gadgets. Metro applications will be directly integrated in the desktop while the good news is that the old start menu of Windows 7 and older versions will also be back. Windowed mode part of the desktop may also undergo a change. However, it is not yet clear what changes may be brought in. Together with the unveiling of the Windows 9, Microsoft is said to emphasize on the Windows phone and Xbox One during the yearly symposium.

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