Windows 9 to be Launched this September


Start MenuSeptember 2014 may either take Microsoft to new heights or leave it licking its wounds. That is because the company may be launching Windows 9 in a month. So what is gadgets world expecting from this upgraded version of Windows 8? Windows 8 had enough flaws to send Microsoft back to the drawing board.

Hits and Misses

Microsoft has a huge problem before it. It needs to develop an operating system that is user-friendly for both the traditional gadgets such as laptops, desktops, and notebooks, as well as more modern and popular devices such as iPads, Android Tablets, and of course, smartphones. Effectively, in less than a decade or so, a new generation of devices has completely engulfed its market and if it needs to survive it needs to serve both the markets. So would Windows 9 succeed where its predecessor failed?

To be fair to Microsoft, it did try to develop the touch-centric type of OS in Windows 8, but failed miserably because of confusing features. Loyal customers, who’d got accustomed to Windows 7, were in no mood to learn new things.

Anticipated Changes

To an extent, Windows 9 may have more similarities with Windows 7 than Windows 8, though there may be new features such as touch-centric operations. Start Menu in particular may have undergone drastic changes to make it familiar and yet user-friendly. The touch-centric feature may also be used on conventional desktops with Windows 9.

It is nice that Windows 9 will soon be in the market. However, it may take people a while to get accustomed to new operating system. Under these circumstances, it remains to be seen whether Microsoft will be left with a firm grip on its market share and whether it will be able to add new customers to its repertoire.

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