Windows Phone 7 messaging can be rendered useless through a bug


What is a phone without a messaging system? Apparently that may happen on Windows Phone 7 devices as the HTC Mozart, Radar or any other WP7 phones. According to WinRumors, whenever a Windows Phone 7 device receives a string of characters, this problem will happen. The device will lock itself and then reboots. When this happens, the phone’s messaging system cannot be used at all.

The problem doesn’t just limit to the messaging system. WinRumors also added that if a user has his or her friends’ live tiles pinned on the home screen, then chances are, the problem will also occur. The solution to this particular problem is by quickly removing the pinned tiles before the device hangs up and reboots once again. Basically, Microsoft has created a game where time is essential.

As of date, there are no fixes available but those that would want to get total control of their phone’s messaging system again need to hard reset their device. That is the only way on which has been proven to work. However, this solution is anything but convenient for the user especially if there aren’t any backup done on the device. It should also be noted that SMS issues are also present on iOS and Android devices although little is known about the level of seriousness as compared with this particular bug that is clouding the Windows Phone 7.

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