Windows Phone Marketplace to be available in new countries


The thing that is different about the Windows Phone Marketplace and Google Play or the Apple App Store is the extensiveness of the market. We’re not talking about the applications inside it but rather the regions that it supports. It is sad to say that the Windows Phone Marketplace can be still considered to be far behind its competitors when it comes to the region that it supports.

However, Microsoft is slowly opening up the marketplace bit by bit as there are a few more countries that the marketplace now supports. Previously, Microsoft also did the same for a few countries such as Malaysia and a few others but now, they are opening up Windows Phone Marketplace to not a few but 13 different countries instead. These include Iceland, Bulgaria, Romania and a few others. After this expansion, there are now more than 50 countries that the app marketplace now supports.

With this being said and done, Microsoft can expect more and more developers from these countries to create applications for the mobile operating system. Previously, it was also possible but the problem of not being able to make money out of it was the problem that many of these developers faced. That will now change once this act has taken full effect.

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