Windows to Bring New Attractive Bing app


Now you will be getting a better approach for web searching with your gadgets. Microsoft is ready to launch new experience with the new Bing app. It is said the new Bing apps would be simple and have classy look. As already the Apps have made its appearance on this Wednesday, it has certain striking features that would be exploded in Windows 8 RTM. Same version would be familiarized to consumers officially on October 26.

Windows’ 8 New Version of Internet Explorer

New operating system would be featuring Internet Explorer in both Windows 8 and older desktop program. Bing would be acting as a portal in Microsoft’s search engine. By launching apps, Bing would be popped up with search bar; searches would be linked to popular topics enhanced with stylish background.

Easy Advanced Searches with Advanced Bing

While clicking in the search bar it would be listing previous searches and list of popular searches. You can scroll down to look for more searches. By hitting, the tile will reveal the Internet Explorer of Windows 8 Version.

In the order you expect to return to Bing search page, you have to move your cursor to upper left corner and then hit the thumbnail for ‘Bing’.

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