Windows XP Shutting Down in 1 Year


Microsoft is withdrawing its windows XP platform so that the Windows 7 and Windows 8 may grow in popularity. But don’t worry you got one year for your gadgets to move to a newer platform .

10 Year Policy will come to an end

The year 2002 has seen a significant milestone in the history of Microsoft. Not only did the popularity of Windows XP progress in leaps and bounds but also the policy of Support Lifecycle via which users could get support for their Windows operating systems was launched and by 8 April, 2014 it is coming to an end.

Stephen Rose Words

Stephen rose said that the migration that usually takes close to over a year is approaching and must be sought after immediately. The planning as well as the application needs to be started immediately so that there are no issues later on. The new OS will need complete installation with the applications and user data be transported. Testing must be started right now, and in case, in the process, one needs help, it is needed it is available at the Windows official blog spot.

Rose has not failed to disclose the dire consequences that will follow after Windows XP is withdrawn. Security from malware and viruses after the date will be jeopardized if companies are still using it and Microsoft will not be at all responsible.

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