With few Tweaks Make Google Maps App the Default on iOS


Without the integration of iOS ecosystem the Google maps is great for users. However, there are solutions for jailbreakers and non-jailbreakers, as well. The solutions are similar.

How to get the Google Maps?

Jailbreakers can easily download from the Cydia store, a tweak called MapsOpener. It does not cost anything. This software route the mapping information from all other apps to the Google Maps instead of Apple’s. MapsOpener tweak is hassle free to use, no settings ought to be changed. Jailbreakers ace just a problem with this tweak when it comes to displaying the address from the contact. Instructional video does a good job.

What can non-jailbreakers do?

Few tweaks help the non-jailbreakers and finalizing one can be done based on the convenience. You can use Siri on the gadgets, which opens the Apple Maps at the start but moves to the list of maps. From here, the user can make use of the Google Maps. All the features of Google Maps can be used. A bit complex option is saving an URL contact and letting Siri find it. However, you can make use of this option only if the URLs are already known.

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