Wolfram Alpha Pro available for use at only $4.99 monthly


Wolfram Alpha is a lot more reliable than Wikipedia or any other websites on the internet. Users can get concise information about almost anything that they search about and for some students, the website is an indispensible tool for them as well. The company behind it realises its full potential and thus is releasing a Pro version of the service.

Wolfram Alpha Pro goes beyond what the normal version of the service would do. For example, the service allows the user to search not only through words but also through images, a data input as well as file uploads. In addition to that, users can also get improved results with the Pro version as they can enable interactivity or in the case of complex calculations, get extra computational time as well. Users can also download the results in up to 60 supported formats as well.

Some may think that these may result in an exorbitant price but surprisingly, it can be considered quite cheap, especially to students. Wolfram Alpha Pro is available at an introductory price of only $2.99 monthly for students or $4.99/month for non-student subscribers. Nevertheless, expect only the best from this application as it is definitely rich in knowledge.

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