Quantum Dots Could Power The World


Yes you read correctly. quantum dots. These tiny nano sized particles have been researched over at the University of Toronto for some time and new uses have been discovered here recently.

These little dots will be used as micro solar panels. They efficiently turn light into useable electricity and this can cheaply be manufactured to provide ways for numerous people to power their electric devices.

The idea to use quantum dots for electricity is not new, however it never really took off before or became something useable. in the beginning their was only one layer, which only harvested one single wavelength from the sunlight. However, the researchers over at The University of Toronto have come up with an ingenious fix: add more layers. They successfully added on a second coat and now researchers are aiming for the sky as they make plans to add even more layers to increase their strength.

The main goal of researchers is to achieve viable efficiency of 10% in five years. Hopefully this can be achieved, and more. Soon we may see our electric bills drop which will make everyone cheer!

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