2 Million Apple iPads – Already Sold, What’s Next?


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Apple today revealed that 2 million Apple iPads have already been sold. I know you might be shocked like others, but this is the truth.

Before the release of Apple iPad (What is iPad?), it was very much popular among the geeks and it gained a lot of focus in the internet world. Everyone was waiting anxiously for the release of Apple iPad, but no one knew that it is going to break all the records.

Apple iPad was recently released worldwide and 2 million sales is like ‘wow’. Well, after the success of iPhone, once again iPad added up to the success of Apple Gadgets. A business gets success when the demand is more and the supply is less, same is the case with Apple iPad, demand is increasing everyday, however the buyers have to wait for the iPad 3G for upto one week.

Have a look on the words of Apple’s CEO:

We appreciate their patience, and are working hard to build enough iPads for everyone.

Steve Jobs,

Apple’s CEO

Apple iPad which has got some great features (Features of Apple iPad) is surely going to be one of the most selling gadget of the year 2010. There are more than five thousand applications which are already available for the Apple iPad. The number of applications is increasing everyday and so is the number of sales 😉

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