22-inch Android Tablet by ViewSonic


Tablets are getting bigger by the day and it seems that manufacturers aren’t restricting themselves to 10 inches or lesser. ViewSonic plans to make theirs big and when we say big, we don’t mean a portable device on which you can carry around whenever you want to. This is because the company is teasing the public with a 22-inch Android ICS tablet.

As of date, this behemoth of a tablet is still a prototype although those that want to take a look at it might need to wait till the Computex which will be held in Taipei from June 5th. This tablet will be going under its “Touch & Connect” series and these are all prototypes rom the manufacturer as well. The way ViewSonic puts it is that this 22-inch tablet will be under the “smart business tablet monitor” and will be powered by Android Ice Cream Sandwich. In addition to that, there might also be a version for Windows 8 as well.

With this being said and done, you would just need to wait another 2 weeks till the official announcement of this tablet. Whatever it may be, this 22-inch tablet might just change the way businesses do work as well.

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