A bike with a tablet mounted on it


A different kind of bicycle is ready to make wonders everywhere. Samsung recently authorized a bike builder company based on Brick Lane, 14 Bike Co, to create an innovative bike which will have Galaxy Tab mounted in it.

About the bike

Now, this is going to be amazing! The amazing part about the bike is; it looks more like a tablet gadget so there are no levers attached with it and it is a fixed gear model. It is completely white on one side and black on the other.

How it is fixed

The container that is holding the tablet is made of carbon fibre which clutches the top tube and makes it easy for you to use the Tab while one is riding the bike. This is kind of a unique innovation as we never thought of using a tablet on a bike. There is a GPS tracker, a handlebar HUD and a mapping device attached with it.

What else one need! Let’s see what response this innovation would get in near future. As of now, it seems pretty interesting to get hands on; there is no word on pricing yet. So we have to wait for that!



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