Aakash Meets its Foremost Rival – the BSNL T-Pad!


The Aakash tablet from India offered everything that the average tech-loving Indian could ever dream of. A wonderful-looking Android tablet offering a good many features for a very reasonable price as well, this initially was the talk of the town during its release. However, it did not do as well as expected, as the majority of the consumers seemed to prefer the other high-priced brands to this one. Anyways, now Aakash is facing more threat from another such good-looking, feature-filled, yet low-priced tablet.

This rival happens to be none other than BSNL, or Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, one of the leading carriers of India, which is also currently under investigation for corrupt mobile practices.

BSNL has now announced the impending release of its low-priced tablet, in partnership with Pantel International. It has christened this tablet the T-Pad IS701R and it would cost only Rs. 3,250, which works out to something around $66.

Of course, Aakash is even lower priced, at Rs. 2,990 or $60. However, the T-Pad comes with a nice 7-inch resistive display, powerful 1GHz processor (the Aakash comes with a 366MHz processor), a 0.3MP camera, 3000 mAh battery and runs the very desirable Android Gingerbread.

However, there is one downside here and that is, the T-Pad does not include a GPRS modem in this particular edition of the product. So you will have to cough up Rs. 10,999 if you want to be WiFi-free.

Considering the above comparison, how many among you would be interested to purchase the BSNL Pantel T-Pad? Do you think it would be worth the buy?

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