Acer Plans to Launch Iconia A1 -830 and Iconia B1- 720 Tablets in Upcoming CES 2014


Acer-Iconia-B1-720Gadgets world is bound to rejoice with two low end products from Acer this year. The company intends to launch two tablets, i.e., Iconia A1-830 as well as Iconia B-720 at upcoming CES 2014. Of these, Iconia A-830 is more expensive, and may carry a price tag of $150. The other tablet would be available for $130. Both these products from Acer are Android based.


Acer’s Iconia A1-830 will have an HD LCD IPS screen of 7.9 inches. In addition, the camera on the back of this tablet is a 5 megapixel camera. The device weighs merely 380 gm, thanks to its 8.5 mm aluminum frame. The device includes Bluetooth keyboard apart from Smart Cover.

In Iconia B1-720, Acer has included a 7 inch screen. According to the company, the charge of batteries in both devices would last for approximately five hours.


Operating system in both devices is Android 4.2.1 Jellybean. The processor in Iconia A1-830 is Intel’s Clover Trail, i.e.,  Atom Z2560. In contrast, Iconia B1-720 boasts of dual core Mediatek processor, which is the advanced version of previous processor in the device.  The speed of Mediatek processor is about 1.3 GHz, whereas the speed of Intel’s processor in Iconia A1-830 is 1.6 GHz. Both devices have a RAM of 1 GB each. Internal memory in both devices is 16 GB. In A1-830, this internal memory can be increased to 32 GB with the help of microSD cards.

Acer has not only priced the products very reasonably, it has also offered several features that are desirable in contemporary gadgets world. However, the performance of these devices will have to be reviewed. If indeed these products are able to deliver what is being promised, then going forward several laptops, and tablets would see downward revision, which is good news from consumer’s perspective.

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