Amazon Confirms Arrival of Two New Kindles


Kindle VoyageAmerican Electronic commerce giant Amazon confirmed the rumors about upcoming e-reader, Kindle Voyage. But it revealed to the gadgets world that it is also planning to launch a low-end Kindle. Specifications and features of the two models are apparently different.

Specifications and Features of Low End Kindle

Amazon is offering a touchscreen feature in this low-end device that is affordably priced, but does not include Paperlight. The development over the previous model and this low-end model are that its processor is almost twenty percent faster than that of previous kindle. In addition, it comes with 4 GB storage on-board. The device with package would cost $79. However, people may opt for unbundled $99 device as well.

Specifications and Features of Kindle Voyage

Kindle Voyage is an improvement on Kindle Paperwhite. Kindle Paperwhite costs $119 as of the date. Kindle Voyage with WiFi and other bundled packages would cost $199 whereas, without such bundled package, it would cost $219. Amazon is also offering Kindle Voyage with WiFi combined with free 3G. The bundled variety costs $269, and one without bundled packages is available for $289. The E-ink carta in Kindle Voyage has 300dpi panels for sharper images and crisper texts.

The result is labeled as laser-quality text. Gorilla glass on the display has micro etching for reducing glare. Because of this, the texture of the glass on these devices feels like paper. In general, Voyage is about 39 percent more bright when compared to Paperwhite model. Sensors are provided to improve lighting. But people can adjust the brightness as needed. Amazon has introduced PagePress for changing pages. There are sensors embedded in the bezel of the device for facilitating PagePress. In all, the device is just 7.6 mm in thickness. Its weight is about 6.4 ounces.

Kindle is for people who love reading. The market for such devices is already limited. By further breaking down the market, Amazon is not doing itself any favors.

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