Amazon Cyber Monday Deal Offers Hefty Price Cut on Kindle Fire Tablets


Kindle Fire HDXAmazon’s basket of gifts to the gadgets market for this Cyber Monday consists of a model of Kindle Fire HDX 7” at a price of $179. This Amazon product normally costs $50 more. Likewise, the 32 GB version would cost $219 and 64 GB will come with a price tag of $259.

Kindle Fire HDX

The starting model of this product line comes with storage of 16 GB. However, it is accompanied by Wi-Fi connectivity and a few other offers from Amazon. The 32 GB Kindle Fire HDX costs $40 more. The price goes up by another $40 for the next model, i.e., for 64 GB model.  Buyer can choose to forego the freebies offered by Amazon by paying $15 more upfront. This may be desirable to get rid of the ads these freebies are filled with.

Amazon is offering the discount of $50 only on the gadget models that have Wi Fi Kindle Fire connectivity. As of date, Kindle Fire HDX with AT&T LTE or even Verizon may cost almost $329.

Kindle Fire HD

A similar discount, i.e., discount of $50, on Amazon’s 16GB Kindle Fire HD is also on. Therefore, buyers can get it in this sale for as little as $119. This certainly seems like a steal because the 8GB Kindle Fire HD is being sold for $139 and has no such promotional offer.  16 GB Kindle Fire HD 8.9 inch model is available in this sale for $229.

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