Amazon e-books to support HTML 5


HTML 5 is a great improvement from its predecessor as it is accepted by almost all devices and latest browsers and it also removes the need for additional plugins such as Flash and Java. In fact, HTML5 is so powerful that by using a JavaScript library such as PhoneGap, a programmer can code to almost all mobile platform using almost the same codes without needing to adapt to different languages.

It is due to the versatility of HTML 5 that Amazon decided to incorporate it inside its new e-book format called the Kindle Format 8. Its motto with the new format launch is “Great-looking books” and that is exactly what users will expect from now on, especially those that have bought or pre-ordered its newest device, the Kindle Fire.

HTML 5 will allow publishers to make their e-books more engaging as there are now countless of possibilities possible. However, do not expect Amazon to make its Kindle Format 8 to be available on all devices at its initial launch. Publishers can expect the Kindle Format 8 to run only on Kindle Fire although it is possible that the format will be pushed over to its other devices. There is no telling on when this would happen although we are guessing that it won’t be too far out.

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