Amazon Kindle Fire HD now comes with opt-out ads


One of the many ways on which Amazon is able to keep their Kindle devices low in price is through advertisements. For example, users can get the Kindle e-reader at a more affordable price should they go with the version that comes with the advertisement. Nevertheless, there is another version on which there is no advertisement at all but you will have to pay a bit more for that version.

The initial problem with the Amazon Kindle Fire HD however is that the user will be getting advertisements along the way because there was no price tag for a non-ad supported device. Not so long after that, Amazon decided to offer an opt-out version of the Kindle Fire HD for an additional $15. This is definitely a cheap price considering that you will not have to put up with all of the advertisement throughout your usage of the device.

The Amazon Kindle Fire HD had just been announced not long ago this week. It is definitely a powerful device and a worthy successor to the Kindle Fire as well. Price-wise, it is quite affordable and can be compared with Google’s Nexus 7 tablet as well. It has yet to be seen how these two devices will perform next to each other.

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