Amazon launches of a range of new Kindle, Kindle Fire & Kindle Touch


The Kindle has been Amazon’s flagship device with millions of it being sold in the market. It has been a while since the product has been updated and now, Amazon has released not one but three different types of Kindle dubbed the Kindle, Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire.

The normal Kindle starts at a price of $79 with its special offer subsidy. It comes with Wi-Fi only and unlike its predecessor, it doesn’t come with a keyboard. The Kindle Touch on the other hand is a bit more interesting as it comes with a touch screen E Ink display. At $99, the price is a bit more expensive than the normal Kindle. The 3G version would cost $149.

The best device of the lot is no other than the Kindle Fire. At a price of $100, it can be considered cheap especially when it features a dual-core processor in addition to a 7” touch screen with the IPS technology. It is also rumored that for every Kindle Fire sold, $50 is subsidized by Amazon.

Those wanting the old Kindle need not fret as there are still available and is called the Kindle Keyboard. In addition to that, from our point of view, we find that these new Kindle a worthy purchase especially the Kindle Fire.

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