Amazon Planning to Introduce 330 ppi Screen Kindle Paperwhite in Early 2014


Kindle PaperwhiteAmazon plans to release another version of its Kindle Paperwhite e-reader in early 2014.  The news has surprised the gadgets world considering that it is only about two months since it released the present version. The leaks so far indicate that the proposed new version will resemble HDX Kindle tablets line.


The pixel density in display of 2014 Kindle Paperwhite will be 330 ppi.  In addition, it will include a light sensor capable of adjusting the screen’s brightness according to the light within the room.

This high resolution model of Kindle Paperwhite will also include some hardware improvements such as its front screen will be flush with its edges. The glass cover would be more matte, and the new device is also going to be considerably lighter than the existing device. For now, this new model of Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is referred to as ice wine. E ink will manufacture its screen. Amazon does not have any major plans to change software program in this version of the device, though, in due course, it will try to exploit the display of 330 ppi with software updates.

Amazon has also announced that as of now it is trying to develop a novel typographic feature for the device.

Market Expectations

Market is hoping that edges of the device will be transformed into buttons that can be squeezed. As of now, people have to stretch their thumbs awkwardly on Kindle Paperwhite for changing pages. By relocating those buttons on edges, this drawback can be addressed.

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