Amazon Starts Shipping New Kindle Fire HDX from Today


The new Kindle Fire HDX from Amazon is now being shipped to customers. This 7-inch tablet often referred to as slate, will run on the version 3.0 of Fire operating system. This version of Fire OS was initially known as Mojito. There are plenty of music and video related exclusive services and features apart from the much talked about Mayday button.


Kindle Fire HDXThis new Kindle Fire HDX has the HDX display of 323 ppi. The colors in this sharp screen are perfect. This Fire HDX is also considerably light. The devices Mayday feature is actually technical support on the device. User can tap the relevant button installed under Quick Settings. This will bring up an Amazon Expert.

The expert may provide drawing on screen about the desired feature, or walking through various steps needed to do something as the user decides. Such expert may also do implement relevant changes in settings, etc. if that is what is needed for optimal advantage to the user. There are no charges for this service, and this service will be available 365 days of the year, round the clock.


The 2.3 GHz quad-core processor gives this tablet 3 times more processing power. The graphics power has been quadrupled, whereas the memory within this tablet has been doubled. Since Fire OS version, 3.0 is used in these gadgets, features of the OS such as Second Screen, Music X-Ray, Mayday button, and Prime Instant downloading of videos form an integral part of the tablet.

Mayday button will attract many new tablet users or people intending to purchase a tablet. Music and video fans will also welcome the improvement.

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