Amazon to give out updates for Kindle Fire users, aims to fix problems with the tablet


A bestselling product will not be left without its own share of trouble. For example, the iPhone 4S was clouded with battery problems and the problem has still persisted even though Apple had given out updates to the iOS. The same also applies to the Kindle Fire, which is Amazon’s first tablet which can be said as popular as the iPad especially due to its price of only $199.

One of the problems that users keep on complaining about is the lack of sensitivity of the touch screen and the occasional lagging of the operating system. This may be expected as even though the Kindle Fire is powered by Android, Amazon had stripped down all of its services to just a few on which was mostly modified by the company as well. In addition to that, Silk, its browser was reported to load pages slowly even on a high speed connection.

The update that Amazon will be giving focuses on the operating system of the Kindle Fire and will tackle a few of the major issues found. The speed and touch screen controls will be noticeably snappier with the new update. This may clear a few things between Amazon and its customers but until most of the problems have been taken care of, Amazon still has a long way to go.

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