Amazon’s Color Kindle Reader on the Cards


According to reports from DigiTimes, Amazon will be launching a colored version of its e-readers somewhere in the second half of this year. Amazon in all probability will use E Ink’s to-be-launched color EPD panels instead of LCD displays. In addition, capacitive touch screens will be used instead of the customary IR touch panels.

Color E Ink Technology

E Ink color screens have already been featured in many trade shows, but they have not yet made it entry into the market. E Ink e-reader screens like that of the Kindle gadgets have still made a considerable impact even with a black and white screen against tablets like iPads. In addition, if indications are true, Amazon will be releasing the first E Ink color e-reader.

E-Reading Revolution

A colored e-reader will give a significant push to the young electronic reading market. Digital magazines or even textbooks, which are virtually unattractive in black and white, will turn out to be a hit with colored e-readers. The fact remains that a $200 Kindle Fire tablet is still costly. Cheaper e-readers will give the right impetus to Amazon’s content sales clearly, Amazon is not looking to sell its hardware what it wants is a strong user base to buy its content.

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