Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX to Set Tablet Market on Fire


Kindle Fire HDXAmazon is on the verge of launching an advanced model of its Kindle Fire, christened as Kindle Fire HDX. As of now, people can place an order for this tablet, and it will be delivered within a fortnight or so.

Variants of Kindle Fire Gadgets

There are two versions of Kindle Fire HDX, i.e., the 7” and the 8.9” versions. Of these, the 7” variant will cost $90 more than the old Kindle Fire. People desirous of purchasing 8.9” variant will have to pay $150 more than they would pay for the existing model of Kindle Fire. This brings these tablets almost at par with iPad Mini, so price wars are not ruled out.

Features of Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX

When compared to the present Kindle Fire, the new model is faster, bigger, lighter and has built-in office suite. Current Kindle Fire model has a dual core processor with 1.5 GHz speed. In contrast, the HDX has quad core processor with 2.2 GHz speed. The 64 GB storage in HDX is good enough for downloading movies for offline viewing because of which the new Kindle Fire qualifies as bigger.

The new Kindle Fire will be lighter by almost 20 percent than previous Kindle. However, optional add-ons like the 4G networking can increase its weight. The office-suit forming an integral part of the new Kindle Fire facilitates usage of the document and spreadsheet software.

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