Amazon’s New Kindle Paperwhite for Voracious e-book Readers


The latest e-reader from the shelves of Amazon-the Kindle Paperwhite will hit stores in the first week of October. Priced up to $179, the model is cost-tagged as per the presence of WiFi or data contract-less 3G features. With more upgrade elements than the Kindle Touch version, this backlit device facilitates easy reading with its adjustable backlighting and classic e-ink interpretation. The innovative Kindle Paperwhite technology integrates all this and more, not forgetting the touch-screen panel.

Capturing the e-reader’s Mind

Amazon has introduced this gadget as a mark of its perception of the book lovers’ intellect. Gone are the decision-making days of carrying just one favorite book when on the move. Store all that you want to read in Kindle Paperwhite and enjoy uninterrupted reading with a phenomenal battery life that lasts for eight-weeks on a single charge! The updated device provides an added text-info in the lower left-end that analyses the users’ reading rate, and displays how much time it will take to read the whole book or just a chapter. A few features from Kindle Touch and Fire are integrated into this Paperwhite model. Pre-book the device immediately.

The Old Kindle Regeneration

In addition, Amazon has rejuvenated the first in the Kindle series gadget with additional functionalities like newest fonts, clearer text, and quicker rate of page-turnover. This will be available for the public from 14 September for just $69.

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