Android Police Leaks Images of HTC Volantis


There were rumors of this 8.9 inch screen tablet being developed by HTC, but it is only now that gadgets world is sure of its existence. Android Police has not only revealed how HTC Volantis would look, it also has some interesting revelations about its specifications and features. Market is again busy speculating about its price, which if rumors are to be believed could range anywhere between $399 and $600, depending upon the specifications, of course.

Specifications and Features

HTC VolantisThe display in this tablet may be 2048 x 1440 with a density of 281 pixels in every inch. The body frame of the device is being made from aluminum and. Therefore, it may weigh approximately 15.1 ounces.

The main component, i.e., processor in this may be Tegra K1. Tegra K1 is Nvidia Logan’s 64 bit processor. The speed is unconfirmed as yet, but expected to be 2.5GHz. Its RAM may be 2GB and it may have internal storage variants of 16 and 32 GB. The device with 16 GB is expected to be priced around $399 and the one with 32GB may cost a $100. If LTE connectivity is integrated, this cost may touch $600.

As of now, market expects the device to arrive in the last quarter of 2014. That will also be a time when Android 5.0 or Android L will be released.


Gadgets like Tablets and fablets are slowly and surely replacing laptops and smart phones. While smart phones are becoming cheaper, laptops will go into oblivion, and desktops will return with a vengeance. Perhaps we will have desktop facilities such that people can link and remove phablet connections. Effectively, people need not carry laptops around and struggle with small screens and scripts, straining their eyes. For now, $600 device may be a higher end device.

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