Another Perk for Android Tablets: Attachable Keyboards type on and Add on


Although Android tablets are well known for their style and content but when it comes to typing stuff, touchscreens can be a real hassle. You can do your work with a physical keyboard in almost no time. As rightly said: old is Gold! Many tablets are now available with the option of plugging the keyboards in, converting your tablet gadget into a laptop in almost no time.

Add on Keyboards Vs Plug in Keyboards:

Add on keyboards have a real advantage of being paired with any Bluetooth enabled device and working efficiently but when taken a review of the users, tablet with a plug in option has many pros over add on ones. Starting with, plug in keyboard is more reliable as compared to at time rankling Bluetooth dependent add on keyboard. The plug in keyboards have another advantage of saving battery life as they come with a handy battery for power saving purposes.

Another good thing about it that it turns your tablet into a little laptop providing you with an option of folding your tablet over the keyboard for screen protection. Because of the fact that a particular keyboard is designed to function with a certain device only, so, they come with many android specific keys like a touchpad or an optical mouse.

Disadvantage of Plug in Keyboards:

As soon as you upgrade your tablet you are going to need a new keyboard dock. Plus it also makes your tablet heavy. Several people tested keyboards from Lenovo, Samsung and Asus and have different views depending upon priorities. The Lenovo Keyboard Folio Case is absolutely dream like experience to type on but it makes your gadget bulky. Asus keyboards come with some extra perks like SD card slot and extra battery life but in all cases you need to get accustomed to the attachable keyboards. After all, everything has its pros and cons.

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