Apple’s iPad3 is expected to arrive in March and iPad 4 in October 2012


This year iPad gadgets enthusiasts will have a grand time. Taiwan’s technology site DigiTimes has reported iPad 3 is coming in the market by March, and iPad 4 is going to be launched by October.

Upgrades in iPad 3

The iPad 3 will have some most significant upgrades like QXGA (1536 x 2048-pixel HD display) along with a much sturdier battery life. However, the details about the iPad 4 are still not available except that it will have 9.7-inch display with integrated applications and upgraded hardware specifications. Some reports have also revealed on the price slashing of iPad2 to $399.

According to the sources, the price slashing on iPad2 and then launching of iPad3 in March will beat off the other competitive non-iPad vendors, such as, Motorola Mobility, Sony and Samsung Electronics who have priced their tablet PC at $359 or more.

Launch of iPad 4

Digitimes sources have also said that the rumors are springing up of iPad 4 launched in October 2012 as the prototype of Apple’s 2013 model. In the second quarter of this year, Google will also introduce a tablet PC.

The sources commented that, in the second half of 2012, the real battle would happen when Microsoft will release Windows 8 and Apple will ship its iPad 4.

iPad 4 will also be adorned with upgraded applications and hardware specifications, to win the gadget competing with the Wintel-, Android- and Windows- tablet PCs which are arriving at the same time of iPad 4.

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