Apple Claims that iPad 3 Pre-Order Stock has Dried Up


Those among you who have been used to seeing or experiencing the anxious rush to own the latest Apple product will not really be surprised or shocked by this piece of news. Apple claims that the pre-order stock for its latest iPad with Retina Display has already dried up.

We all know that the original Apple iPad and also the subsequent iPad 2 had created a mini typhoon of sorts in the mobile market. Considering that, we expected that Apple would have been ready to meet this kind of demand for its third generation iPad. Evidently, even the giant had not foreseen this situation, where its pre-order stock would be gone so soon.

As the situation stands at present, all the third generation iPad pre-orders, which have been placed on the Apple Website, will be shipping only by March 19. Since the tablet is expected to enter the market on March 16, this is 3 days after the date that this iPad would be hitting retail stores.

Guys, unless you had been early and lucky enough to get your pre-order cleared before this avalanche of orders came along, your only chance of laying your hands on this shiny beauty at the earliest, is to join those who will be lining up in front of an Apple Store.

So what are you guys going to do? Would you want to wait up for the next pre-order session to start or are you the kind who would much rather wait in line so as to ensure you actually get it in hand on the date of the release of the iPad 3?

Source: MobileBurn

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  1. heyanna says:

    I like ipad3, very beautiful

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  2. Looks like Apple will be the king of the tablet industry from now on.

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