7.85-inch iPad Mini Prices Expected to Begin at $329 in U.S.


The earlier screenshot showed in U.S. that the price of iPad mini would start at €249 i.e. around $325 (at present conversion rate). Reports from 9to5Mac said that the U.S. pricing of 7.85-inch Apple’s iPad mini would start at $329.

Price falling in between Apple’s popular gadgets

It is extremely intriguing to see that the price of 7.85-inch Apple’s iPad mini falls in between the price of the iPod Touch (32GB) i.e. $299 and iPad 2 (16GB) i.e. $399. The price of the iPad Touch was used as the measuring stick speculating that iPad mini’s price would not be as low as Touch’s, but it could be somewhere around $349.

Is the rumor true?

The different price ranges of different iPad mini gadgets revealed that the rumor is true. The Wi-fi 16GB version would cost only $329, whereas Wi-fi 64GB cellular version would come at $659. The price of iPad mini is as close as iPad and iPad 2.

However, the prices quoted above are still speculation, as the exact picture would not be clear until the 23 October Apple’s launch event arrives. Nevertheless, not so much is revealed about 7.5-inch iPad mini but its display would be non-retina based of the resolution of 1024X 786 pi.

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