Apple iPad mini plans expel Samsung


Apple iPad is going to be launched soon in 7.85 inch and Q3 2012. It is said that the company would be using smaller slate to keep distancing its supply chain from Samsung. LG display & AU Optronics will be providing Apple IPS LCD panels, it would need Digi Times from EDN report, and Pegatron has a crucial role in construction of tablet.

Apple- giving more emphasis on flexible panels

A Samsung Securities shared its investor report with OLED-Display further emphasized on the timescale of Q3 2012 iPad mini release. According to JungHoon, iPad 1 and iPad 2 together earned 55m units of sales, so Apple has planned to launch 1Q 12 iPad3 and in 3Q 12 a 7 inch new product.

Later on Chang suggested that Apple might use flexible panels in its upcoming iPad gadgets if the panel makers could produce flexible AMOLED panels and work on improving resolution. However, it is not thrilling news, although apple starts to use AMOLED replacing LCD IPS, it is not sure that Samsung would be with the demand.

Cupertino to learn a lesson from Korean foe

The quarrel between Apple and Samsung has been a moral for Cupertino Company, that not to rely on Korean foe. It is thought to be a rumor that Apple would release the iPad 3 on this week. Some of the leaked features include third generation tablet with high resolution- retina display, LTE connectivity.

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