Apple iPad with improved features seeks its way to launch on 7th March


It was a rumor few days ago, that iPad 3 is soon to be released in the market. Surprisingly it is going to be true, most probably on March 7. Rene Ritchie announced that iPad 3 would be displayed or launched in this very year, 2012 on Wednesday, 7 March. The sources that provided information about the release of iPad were true. This new gadget is highly acclaimed and has been the main source of curiosity among Apple lovers. The new Apple iPad3 device has 2014 x 1536 retina- display, with quad core Apple – A6 system on a chip. It would be working on a 4G LTE network.

The issue of double capacity battery

This Apple iPad is featured with improved cameras that also include HD Face- time camera present on the front side and 8 MP- sensors built on the rear. This new Apple iPad gadget will have doubled capacity battery assuring for its long life, but on the other side, it also conveys that it would probably consume more energy to get charged, so the question is- is it double capacity battery?

Apple iPad 3 scheduled on 7 March

The launching of this new gadget is being scheduled on the 1st week of March, so less time is left for gadget lovers. It is also said by iMore that Wednesday have been a blessed day for Apple, as every Apple gadget is being launched depending on these dates.

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