Apple is bringing new iPad 3 for gadget lovers shortly by the end of March 2012


With the advent of iPad 1 and iPad 2 in the gadget market, Apple is all set to launch its new model of iPad, i.e. iPad 3. This is one of the enthralling news for gadget lovers.

New iPad 3 is soon to be launched in the market

A source said that Apple is planning for a Special event for the announcement and launching of its new, exciting iPad 3. It is said that the new iPad 3 will be using 4G connectivity with LTE network. It will feature near field communication, i.e. NFC chip, 2GHz dual core chip by Samsung, carbon fibre casing, high resolution camera with LED flash(built-in), thin and light battery, transparent screen and retina display. iPad 3 is gaining popularity among gadgets lovers, and most awaited product.

Is it a rumor?

Earlier the news of iPad 3 was thought as just a mere rumour, but it is being proved real by its launching in March, 2012 latest. It is terrific news for the consumers, it is seen that they are now losing patience for the new iPad in the market. Gadget lovers have to wait for few more days for the new iPad 3. The new iPad 3 is a new technology and expected to hold a strong position in the market.

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