Apple May Launch its Much Awaited iPad Pro in September 2014


iPad ProIf rumors are to be believed, Apple is frantically trying to do all that is necessary for launching iPad Pro before the last quarter of 2014 begins. iPad Pro is not just another tablet; it is a 12.9 inch device that is being introduced to capture a large chunk of the laptop market that is up for grabs.

Market Share of Apple Vs Samsung in 2014

In so far as tablets are concerned these two gadgets companies are expected to remain way ahead of other tablet manufacturers. Apple in particular is expected to sell anywhere between 80 million to 90 million pieces in 2014, whereas Samsung may sell about 20 million pieces less in comparison.

Features of iPad Pro

iPad Pro is rightly described as larger iPad because it is exactly that with its large display screen. This screen has 265 PPI and impressive resolution in the range of 2732 by 2048. The infrastructure in this device may also be 64 bit like the A7 processor introduced previously. A7 enabled Apple’s tablets to acquire hybrid nature. iPad Pro, however, may have a higher processor, i.e., A8 processor. Other features and specifications of iPad Pro are not known as yet.

Apple has established a new product launch timeline for itself, which it has strictly followed since last couple of years. It introduces new smartphones in the third quarter, followed by tablets in the last quarter, or more precisely, in October each year. Therefore, rumors about iPad Pro being scheduled for September 2014 are indeed intriguing.

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