Apple Maybe Planning to Introduce 12 inches iPad Pro?


iPad ProIf rumors are to be believed, Apple has plans to introduce iPad Pro anywhere between April and June. So is that device worth waiting for? AppleInsider received relevant information from KGI’s analyst, Ming Chi-Kuo. Ming Chi-Kuo comes up with somewhat accurate predictions based on information floating in the supply chain.

What should the gadgets world expect from Apple this year?

For starters, people can expect iPad Pro to have a larger screen. Rumor has it that the tablet would have a screen of 12 inches, which is quite large. Market is also expecting Apple to add stylus to this device, but it is not certain whether stylus would be mandatory with the device. It may be recalled that iOS is mainly designed for finger usage. Therefore, any shift from this basic structure may entail a lot of work, which seems unlikely for now. Nevertheless, Apple may offer a stylus as an optional accessory.

What does inclusion of stylus entail for older versions iPads?

Not all the older models of iPads are equipped to function with a stylus. If they were, Apple would have introduced stylus a couple of quarters ago. Though the market has been expecting Stylus for iPad, the fact remains that Apple does hold almost 200 patents related to stylus, and yet, it has not made it an integral part of iPads.

Rumors in gadgets world are triggered by market buzz, manufacturing orders, and of course, patents. It remains to be seen whether Apple will prove these rumors right by introducing stylus in its iPad Pro device.

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