Apple to Offer a 12.9 Inch iPad in 2014


12.9 Inch iPadFirst Apple opted to reduce the screen size of iPad from a healthy 10 inch to 7.9 inch. These mini gadgets were launched  in November 2012. Now, the Cupertino based business is taking a U turn, or more than U turn by developing a 12.9 inch iPad, which as of now is expected to arrive in the markets by October 2014. With the larger screen, this device will be able to compete with Samsung and other tablet manufacturing businesses.

Features and Specifications

The device may have a touch screen from Quanta Computers, who are Apple’s partners.  Apple has already entered into a deal with this company for supply of larger iPad panels about a month ago. Rumors also suggest that, in addition to the larger touch screen, the iPad Air would have a processor that is 20-nanometer. This processor would be fabricated by a TSMC, i.e., Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company.

Other Products lined up for 2014

Apple now introduces products only around the last quarter of each year. But in May 2014 the company is expected to launch one of its iphones. This would be iPhone 6.  It would also have a larger screen.  For now, Apple is believed to be experimenting with two screens of different sizes, i.e., 4.7 inch display with screen resolution of 720 by 1280 and 5.7 inch HD screen with 1080p for this iphone.


iPad Air may nudge out MacBook Air, and other ultrabooks in the market. Apple seems to be all set to fight Samsung and others on their turf in 2014. In so far as consumers are concerned, such developments are certainly positive as products would become more affordable.

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