Apple’s Small iPad- Rumors Springing up Again


There has not been an end to the rumor that Apple plans to release a petite version of the iPad-a 7.85-inch model of the iconic tablet. Now it is the turn of John Gruber, the popular Apple blogger to say that he heard chatter about Apple testing mini iPads in its labs.

What to Expect

The smaller cousin to the iPad will not have the retina quality display-screen now in the iPhone and the new iPad if the rumors are to be believed. Other specifications are just speculation but it is sure to be a seven-inch model.

Dealing with Kindle Fire

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was very much opposed to the smaller 7-inch gadgets. Now it seems Apple’s priorities may have changed and it does not want to stay on top in the high-end market alone. The reason for this is the success of the Amazon tablet Kindle Fire that does the job admirably at about half the price.

Having smaller Apple tablets in the shelf would mean a strong competitor in the low-end tablet market. Apple must release the mini version and diversify its iPad slates to enter into emerging markets as if it did with the iPads.

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