Cam-Case – The Apple iPad Camera Concept


Apple iPad Cam-Case Camera

Apple iPad has got some great features, but on the other hand there are a lot of features which are missing in the Apple iPad. The most disappointing part for the iPad lovers is that it doesn’t have a camera.

Apple iPad Camera

Usually people have to accept the iPad in the way it comes, but now Chet Rosales has got a concept for the Apple iPad Camera. This concept has been named as ‘Cam-Case’. The iPad Cam-Case protects the iPad from physical damage and adds up a cool camera to it. This camera is meant to be used as a webcam for video calling. This camera is mainly developed for the Skype Video Calling Application.

Apple iPad Protecting Case

The camera is located at the corner so that it could work well with the landscape and portrait viewing.

Apple iPad Rotating Camera

The camera has got the ability to rotate and the case has got the ability to slide apart. The rubber-plastic case offers a good handling and grip to the user.

Apple iPad Sliding Case

For now, we just have the following words from the Mr. Rosales

As of now Apple doesn’t support third party devices such as webcams… So unless you want to jailbreak your iPad, this design may stay a concept… (we’ll see)

Apple iPad Camera Mic

I am sure a lot of Apple iPad users must be excited about the Cam-Case, it will be the next big thing if it hits the market. We will update you with more news about the Cam-Case. If you are looking for an Apple iPad Case, feel free to checkout the ClamCase for Apple iPad and turn your iPad into a laptop today. If you are looking for iPad Accessories, then check out the Top 3 Accessories For The Apple iPad.

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  1. Shekhar Sahu says:

    Good to see some solutions, but the rotating parts always have the connector leaf problems.

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  2. Pinas says:

    This gadget is really a must-buy for our iPad to prevent the display from scratches. The way how it camera rotates is simply amazing now you can capture images in any angles.

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