ClamCase- Bluetooth Keyboard, Flip Case, Stand for Apple iPad


Clamcase Apple iPad Stand

ClamCase is the three-in-one case available for Apple iPad. ClamCase has the ability to turn an Apple iPad

into a complete notebook.

ClamCase is a case which protects the Apple iPad from any physical damage, besides this it provides the bluetooth keyboard for Apple iPad which ultimately makes everything simple and easy for the user. This case enhances the iPad experience by offering multiple services.

The three services of the ClamCase are listed below:

# Bluetooth Keyboard: For better iPad Experience keyboard is one of the most basic requirement, it is good to see that the ClamCase takes care of this. The ClamCase bluetooth keyboard connects easily to Apple iPad and provides a great experience to the user.

# 360-Degree Flip Case: The 360-Degree flip case is designed to keep the iPad safe from any kind of physical damage. It is mainly used to protect the iPad against falls and dusts. The rubber grip provides a better hold to the user, ultimately preventing the iPad from falls.

# Infinity Stand: ClamCase helps Apple iPad to be positioned into infinite angles and provides a great view to the user. One can watch movies in the perfect angle with the help of this stand.

Here is a video showing the all new ClamCase:

So, ClamCase basically gives a new look to your iPad and helps in enhancing the great iPad experience. If you are looking for some good iPad Accessories, go for the three-in-one ClamCase for Apple iPad.


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