Freedom i-Connex Mini – Bluetooth Keyboard [REVIEW]


i-Connex Mini for iPhone

Freedom i-Connex Mini is the smaller version of the Freedom i-Connex. In terms of compatibility and stuff, i-Connex mini is similar to the actual i-Connex keyboard.

Freedom i-Connex Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

The size may be small but the features aren’t. This keyboard is compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch, iPad and many other HID enabled devices including Windows Mobile, Netbooks, Play Stations etc. It comes with a built-in Apple ‘Home’ key to simplify the editing tasks. With this keyboard, one can cut/copy/paste by pressing a couple of keys.

i-Connex mini has a non-slip back which ultimately offers a good grip to the user. This keyboard comes with a rechargeable battery which provides a good backup time. i-Connex mini can be easily connected with any compatible device, all you need is to go through the user manual provided in the pack and you’ll be able to use i-Connex mini with your HID enabled device.

iConnex Mini Keyboard

This keyboard has got 49 keys including the Apple ‘Home’ key, Function key, Multimedia keys (like play/pause, volume control etc.). So, if you’re looking for a small keyboard which is compatible with the iDevices, you won’t find anything better than the i-Connex mini. I have tried this keyboard with my iPhone 4 and all I can say about this keyboard is “Small in size and Rich in features”.

Link – Freedom iConnex Mini.

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  1. Arshad Cini says:

    very interesting gadget)

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  2. Jaakko Östersundom says:

    There’s a great number of iPhone users who write in other languages than English. Personally, I miss the characters å, ä, and ö.
    I hope the keyboard is programmable…

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  3. Jeff Walcott says:

    Speaking of bluetooth mini keyboard .. did anyone gave a test on the Loftek 3 in 1 with the touchpad ?

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