Hand-E-Holder – iPad Holding Accessory


iPad Hand-E-Holder

Hand-E-Holder is an Apple iPad accessory which eases up the holding task for an iPad user. By using this accessory one can prevent the unexpected drops of his iPad.

How to attach Hand-E-Holder?

It isn’t difficult to attach a Hand-E-Holder, you just have to attach it to the back of the iPad and you’re done. This accessory will help the user to strap on an iPad in his hand. The user can also rotate the iPad and can enjoy the two type of display mode, i.e. landscape and portrait.

This accessory provides an easier way to hold the iPad. If you’re of dropping your iPad, then you seriously need a Hand-E-Holder. You can see an instructional video below –

The price of this super cool accessory is $39.99. I am not sure if that’s worth it but I am sure that this is a kind of must have accessory.

[via ubergizmo]

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