iCarry – The Apple iPad Carry Stand or Carry Case


iCarry iPad Stand Carry Case

iCarry is yet another Apple iPad Accessory. iCarry is basically a stand which turns into a bag, it is specially designed for carrying the iPad (What is iPad?).

You must have seen a lot of carrying cases and bags for Apple iPad, but this one is different. It has got a stand which can be folded in a way that it could actually become the handle of the carrying case. This unique case is developed by Ozaki.

The iCarry iPad Carry Case can also work as a stand for the Apple iPad, so you can enjoy the fun of two things with a single iCarry.

The look and feel of the case is really great, one can be easily impressed at the very first look. The aluminium-like finish gives it a dashing look. The price and other details are yet to be revealed, geeks with iPad will be waiting anxiously for this iPad Carry Case.

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    iCarry looks pretty cool

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