In 2015, Apple iPads will get Stylus


iPad ProApple has recently applied for patenting its own stylus that it has developed for iPad product line. Gadgets world expects it to accompany iPad Pro. Market is also speculating that Apple would release iPad Pro in the second quarter of 2015. Apple has never been a fan of the stylus. Therefore, this would be the first time Apple would have added this hardware to its products.


As of now, the features of this device can only be speculated upon as the product is yet to arrive in the market. Apple’s patent application is the primary source of it. Its product description is “communicating stylus” in the form. Presumably, users would be able to use the stylus on conventional writing surfaces such as whiteboard and paper. This written content would then be transferred to any of the compatible Apple devices. The stylus includes some accelerometers and sensors. These allow the device to transmit information without wire. The stylus is particularly useful for taking down notes as the written information gets transferred to any of the Apple devices.

iPad Pro

For now, Apple is focusing on iPad Pro, which may arrive in the second quarter of 2015. This product would be a cross between laptop and tablet, but it would have a large screen, i.e., 12 inches screen. Relevant apps will target business enterprises, entrepreneurs, and entertainment industry. Market expects this product to have a detachable keyboard. In the absence of any information from Apple, market has created its expectation lists. Therefore, iPad Pro is expected to have A9 processor or A8X at least. Its RAM may be 4 GB.

Operating system version may be iOS9 or at least iOS8. There may be three variants based on internal storage. The lowest of these would have 16 GB storage whereas the maximum internal storage possible would be 128 GB. The third variant would have 64 GB internal storage. In so far as, the cameras are concerned, market expect iPad Pro to have two cameras, i.e., the front facing one of the 1.2 megapixels and the rear camera of 8 mega pixels.

There is no confirmation or denial from Apple either about Stylus or iPad Pro. Therefore, Apple may choose not to offer a stylus with the latest device. It won’t be the first time, Apple did that. Meanwhile, people continue to speculate on the most recent product that this Cupertino-based company may come up with in 2015.

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