Incoming iPad to be Smaller and Cheaper


The third quarter of 2012 will most probably see the release of a smaller and cheaper version of the tablet standard- the iPad 3 from Apple. The interest in iPad 2 has not yet subsided even though the release of iPad 3 is slated for next week, and rumors suggest a 7-inch cousin for the iPad gadgets to be launched in Q3 2012.

The 7-inch iPad

Digitimes reported quoting reliable sources that 7.85-inch iPad tablet prototypes are being verified and tested for a release somewhere in the third quarter of the year. There has been a talk about mini iPad gadgets for a long time now and finally it is going to be a reality. The new iPad will have the same 1024 x 768 resolution as the iPad 2 so that the tablet experience is not fragmented.

Low Price to Target Kindle Fire

The low price tag- somewhere form $249 to $299 is sure to give Amazon’s Kindle Fire a run for its money in the low price tablet segment. In addition, if Apple provides the same quality and performance in a smaller tablet retailing at lesser prices, it is sure to reap rich dividends.

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