Ipad 3 Rumors – Will It Have The Highest Screen Resolution Ever?


IPad 3 rumors on

After iPad 2, it is now the turn of iPad 3 to perk up gadget watchers. Even amidst speculations regarding iPhone 5, users have already begun to play the guessing game with regard to iPad 3. Apple has been bringing out products in quick succession lately. IPad 3 is the next thing on the cards of the company. While some rumors indicate that Apple will only bring out an upgrade of the previous version, others believe that the next iPad will have many new features. One of most popular rumors that have picked up speed is the inclusion of retina display, which will revamp the screen resolution of the gadget.

Resolution will possibly double

It is being expected that the screen resolution of iPad 3 will be double that of iPad 2. While iPad 2 does have a decent resolution of 786 x 1024, the new version is supposed to have a resolution of 1536 x 2028. The new resolution will be the highest among all gadgets that are in existence today. People have begun to imagine the necessity of such high resolution. Speculations about the possible different features of the new gadgets are on high gear.

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