iPad Air Shows More Colors in its Retina Display than iPad Mini


ipad airA comparison between retina displays in Apple gadgets shows that iPad Air’s retina display though not as sharp as that of the new iPad Mini, has many more colors. iPad Mini with retina display feature has much higher density of pixels as well, but despite this, it stands a few notches below the iPad Air in this respect.


Both Nexus 7 as well as Tegra Note 7 score above iPad Mini in this color spectrum feature. However, the difference is not obvious unless a person were to focus exclusively on this feature.

Calman Display Assessment

According to Calman’s display assessment, the display screen in iPad Mini scores over most other Tablets of the same category in the market, but for this color spectrum limitation. Only Apple’s iPad Mini without the retina display feature ranks higher than it, when overall performances are compared.

Gadgets world is already buzzing with reports that iPad Mini device has a few problems with image retention. This new review about the color spectrum from Anand Tech is hardly going to help iPad Mini’s sales. However, much depends upon how this flaw is emphasized. Many people can live with this flaw rather than forego other advantages of iPad Mini device.

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