Jailbreak for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 is Imminent


If you are a user of iPad 2 and iPhone 4S, then some positive news is here for you. The jailbreakers “Dream Team” break the sandbox issue and now the much-awaited untethered jailbreak for iOS A5 devices is going to be released. Sandbox limits the user to reach the different applications.

Final release of Untethered Jailbreak

Although the untethered jailbreak has been available for the older devices, but the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S were the tough nuts to be cracked. pod2g, Jailbreak developers faced a lot of trouble for cracking the jailbreak for these two gadgets running on Apple’s A5 processor. According to the information provided by the pod2g, it is just the matter of few days for the jailbreak release. But the ETA has not been announced yet.

Who will bring the exploit?

pod2g has already praised Saurik and Planetbeing for their wondrous work done for untethering jailbreak of A5 devices. Now the speculations are arising for who will bring the exploit, either Chronic Dev or iPhone Dev Team or both. However, the Pwn Dev Team has also been in contact with pod2g, and the chances are there that the hacker might give them the exploit.

The Vice leader of Pwn Dev Team has shared this news on the twitter, but still there are many doubts for the untethered jailbreak of Apple’s A5 devices.

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