More Rumors about Specs and Features of Apple’s iPad Pro


iPad Pro LeakFor almost a year or so, unconfirmed news about a new tablet called iPad Pro from Apple has been creating a stir in the tablets market. This tablet of Apple is supposedly an answer to Microsoft’s Surface tablets. The Cupertino-based company neither affirmed not denied these periodic leaks about this tablet. Now, a more reliable source has provided information on this device. However, it may still take a while for iPad Pro to arrive in the market. The market is expecting the launch date to be somewhere in the last quarter of 2015.

The latest news about the new tablets relates to its looks and dimensions. The leak reveals that the new iPad Pro would be larger than what the previous leaks had suggested, and even what market had deduced. According to the schematics, this new tablet from Apple would be about 305.7mm in length, and 222.6 mm in breadth. Its width would be only 7.2 mm, which makes it very slim indeed. These schematics also suggest that the external appearance of this device would resemble both iPhone 6 as well as iPhone 6 Plus because of the speaker grills.

Apple’s iPad was undoubtedly a popular tablet when it was launched. However, now it is no match for the Surface series from Microsoft. iPad can at the best be used for rudimentary office operations, and browsing, which functions are now possible even with iPhones and many other low-end smartphones. Surface tablets, on the other hand, are known for versatility as well as their functionality. iPad Pro may improve in this areas, if and when it arrives, but it will have to offer more than the Surface tablets to carve a market for itself.

The market hopes that iPad Pro would offer more than an advanced version of its iOS that is used in these two latest iPhones, i.e., iPhone 6, and 6 Plus. There is no way this aspect can be confirmed as yet. The thickness, rather slimness of the device is also a matter of concern because in the past, devices this thin have bent easily. It remains to be seen if Apple can provide a frame that is stronger than Bendgate.

The leak has also revealed that there is one port on one of the sides of this device. It is presumed that this is Type C USB port that Apple introduced in its twelve inch thick MaBook. The camera on the device is located towards the device’s left corner, which is pretty discreet.

So far, leaks about iPad Pro have been unreliable, and more of speculation than actual information. This is the reason they did not hold much water. But this latest information about Apple’s new tablet can be believed because it is provided by a source that has provided authentic information about Apple’s devices.

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